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Spiritual Preparation through Personal Bible Study

There’s the old joke about the new lumberjack who turned out to be an incredible workhorse. His foreman was amazed at the number of trees he could cut down with just a saw. So he gave him a chainsaw. Instead of doubling his output, the lumberjack’s number of felled trees was cut in half. His foreman assumed something was wrong with the chainsaw, so he cranked it up. The lumberjack responded, “What’s that noise?”

When people come to Christ, they receive God’s Holy Spirit, who empowers them to live holy lives. But instead of soaring in this new relationship, many Christians get bogged down trying to live Christlike lives in their own power. The greatest power possible is inside us in the Person of God’s Holy Spirit, but we may fail to depend on the Spirit and rely instead on our own strength.  Personal Bible Study teaches us we can live holy lives only through God’s Spirit who indwells us.  So start up each day with time in God’s Word!

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