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God’s Passionate Plan For The Home

The family is in trouble in America. Less than 25 percent of American families are made up of a wife and husband and their kids. We are living in a culture that is obsessed with material things, and the time it takes to work for those things pushes out family time. We are living in a time when traditional roles have been denounced, and it’s difficult to know what a marriage is supposed to look like. We are living in a state of confusion about children and discipline. We need guidance.

February’s and June’s Series of Sermons will focus on God’s Passion Plan for the Marriage and Family. We will look primarily to Ephesians 5:21—6:4 for a picture of God’s passionate plan for the family. In Feb. we will look at God’s Passionate Plan For Marriage. In June, we will look at Gods Passionate Plan For the Family. God has not left us in the lurch; He has given us snapshots throughout Scripture showing us how to deal with this mysterious relational structure called “family.”

The beginning of family is marriage. What we need to relearn is that marriage is a commitment of unconditional love to another person who is not perfect. It is a forever commitment. We need to remember the importance of families, to prioritize our lives and to take back family time.

Every relationship in the family is under the umbrella of submission. We are to consider other family members before ourselves. When people mutually regard each other as more important, caring relationships happen. Marriage is a dance and mutual submission is the dance floor.

Husbands lead in the dance. Husbands must help their wives so that responsibility is shared. Husbands are to lay down their lives for their wives in the way Christ sacrificially loved the church.

Wives respond to this kind of love with respect and support. When wives show their husbands where they could use help, husbands feel needed and step up to help.

Fathers and mothers are to provide for, protect and nurture their children, although they will each do this in a different manner. The parent—child relationship must provide a loving structure for training throughout the stages of a child’s life. The snapshots given in Scripture reveal how discipline is necessary to develop a godly, capable child who feels loved. At the same time, Scripture reminds us that honoring our parents is still a necessary part of Gods plan in our world.

This series is not filled with “fluff.” This series is filled with concrete practical instructions on how we as families can live together in a way that enriches our day-to-day lives. It encourages us in realistic ways to be the best we can be for our loved ones and for God.

But this isn’t only a pragmatic guide about how to improve your relationships. How we live in our families reflects God’s relationship with His people, and God has chosen the family to be His metaphor of love and relationship to the world. When our families live in a way that honors our relationship with

God the Father, we are offering a testimony of His grace, love, and forgiveness to our world. When our families are confused and in disarray, that primary example to our world is marred.

It’s time to go back to God’s Passionate Plan For the Marriage and Family.

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