The Importance of Worship Part # 3

As summer comes to an end, the days of outdoor grilling are soon to be passed. I love a good meal cooked on the grill. As one cooks on the grill you have the opportunity to see a good example of how the church works and worships. All the charcoal bricks work together to cook the meal. When you add the starter fluid, strike the match the flame begins to burn and the meal starts to cook. If you notice the charcoal as the meal cooks they are all close together, glowing red hot, each drawing heat and stability from the other. The church is much the same. When we come together, add the starter fluid of the Holy Spirit, get ignited with the passion of Christ, we come close together, all glowing, red hot doing the work of the church and in worship. But take the tongs and remove one brick from the rest of the charcoal and soon it becomes cold. It loses its heat, becomes grayish and chalky. The other charcoal continues to do its work, just slightly less efficient than before because part of it is missing. When one pulls away from the church and worship, they soon lose their passion, they no longer burn for the things of God, and soon they are cold, easily handled by the world, and the work of the church and our worship suffers.

Take then that same cold brick of charcoal and add it back to the others and soon it regains its glow, and begins to help generate heat to cook the meal. The third reason worship is important is because we need each other to effectively help each other worship and serve the Lord.

The third reason worship service is important is because others need it as we do. There is no substitute for such corporate seeking and sharing as is found only in a service of worship. For all too many, this is about the only time in the week for genuine quiet and meditation.

Humbly we confess our sins and shortcomings and renew our covenant with our Savior and with one another in the household of faith. We see our problems and our blessings in true perspective and proportion.

Yes, worship is primary because others need it as we do and because we all need one another in the fellowship of faith, but, most of all, we need God. And God has promised, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am i in the midst of them.” Join with us and God as we worship each Sunday Morning and Night as well as for our Wonderful Wednesdays of Worship on the property.

Pastor Rick

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