The Importance of Worship Part # 4

Have you ever looked at what other people are doing as you ride or drive to church? Some are hooking up their campers or boats, some getting ready to mow their lawn, others sitting comfortably on their deck or porch sipping their morning coffee reading the paper. Well while you are watching them, they are watching you. Studies show that your neighbors watch you as you consistently get up and get ready to go to church week after week. When you go to church, you are in essence bearing a witness.

The worship service is primary because it bears a witness to the world. The very fact that we get dressed in our Sunday best and go to the church service is a witness to the world of the importance of faith in our lives and of the church in the community.

We had a graphic illustration of this during World War II. During these years, the Patent Office was temporarily moved from Washington to Richmond. On the Sunday morning after the move was announced, a host of Washington employees drove to Richmond to seek places to live, at least, temporarily. To their amazement they found that the keepers of most of the boarding and rooming houses were not at home and that real estate places were closed.

Suddenly it dawned on some of them that these people were in church and that Richmond was a churchgoing community. Many who finally moved to Richmond spoke about this and took their places in churches; in part because they were impressed by the fact that Richmond is a churchgoing community and also because they were reminded of their own need. Yes, just going to church for worship is in itself a witness to the Lord in the community.

So, let me ask you. Are your neighbors getting a consistent witness as you travel to and from worship each week? Do they witness you attending church and worship regularly on Sunday Morning, Sunday Night and Wonderful Wednesday’s of Worship? I know I use to think as a boy, “Wonder what all these people think of us?” as we drove by their homes on our way to worship.

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Pastor Rick

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