The Importance of Worship Part # 5

As I was writing this week, I let my mind wonder back to childhood and Vacation Bible School. My mind stopped its journey as I pondered the Pledge to the Bible, “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path,” and we hide God’s Word in our hearts lest we sin against Him and/or others. Then it hit me, we need to worship because we need the Word.

The fifth lesson about the importance of worship is, we go to a service of worship because we need the message of the Word of God for our day and time. As the Bible is read, we sense new meanings in words that have grown familiar with the years, and as our minds are opened through praise and prayer, the Holy Spirit ministers to us.

Sixth, the preaching of the Word takes place in the setting of worship. We make a mistake when we refer to the worship service only as “the preaching service.” It is that, and there is no substitute for the preaching of the Word; but the experience of worship helps to open our minds and hearts to the truth proclaimed by the preacher.

With our hearts attuned to the Spirit of God and with minds open and ready, God’s messenger can give us God’s Word for our day, relate the gospel to all of life, and send us out to better do our Lord’s work in the world.

Humm! Who would have thunk it? That simple pledge from VBS is right! We need to worship because we need God’s Word. The music is great to lift our spirits, but we need God’s Holy Word to light our path and direct our feet. 

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