Doing What Counts?

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Dear Church Family,

Let me begin by addressing a question I have been asked lately. The question is, “Can we make the print here larger?” The answer is yes, sometimes. The size of the type often depends on the length of Pastor’s Pen. Sister Samantha tries her best to keep the print readable while including the entire article here. However, if the article type is too small here, it is most often published online in the Pastor’s Pen Blog which has a direct link on our church web page. There it is in normal font size and easily readable. I will also post things there from time to time which do not get published in the Pastor’s Pen here in print. So go online and check out the Pastor’s pen there.

By the way, and for your info…I received and email last week while in Charlotte from a lady named Joanne. She lives in Pensacola, FL.  She wrote, “I invited Jesus into my heart to be my personal Saviour, August 14. I have been following your ministry on your website through bulletins and Pastor’s Pen. You site gave me good insight into how to receive Jesus into my heart. I am so thankful for your church and its ministry. I have started church and am about to be baptized. I just wanted to share my journey with you.”

She went on to say she is now writing daily devotions and is going to send me a sample. I just praise the Lord for what He is doing through the ministry of this church.

Mark 9:34-35 But they kept silent: for by the way they had disputed with one another, which one of them was the greatest. And He sat down, and called the twelve, and said to them, “If any man desires to be first, he shall be the last of all and servant of all.”

Once there was a king who decided to set aside a special day to honor his greatest subject. When the big day arrived, a large gathering took place in the palace courtyard and our finalists were brought forward.

The first person was a wealthy philanthropist. This man was deserving of the king’s honor because of his great humanitarian efforts. He had given much of his wealth to the poor, building orphanages, schools and hospitals throughout the land. The second was a celebrated physician. This outstanding doctor was deserving of honor for rendering his faithful and dedicated service to the sick for many years and discovering medicines that saved many lives. The third was a distinguished judge. He was noted for his wisdom, his fairness and his many a brilliant decision.

The last person presented before the king was an elderly woman. Her manner was quite humble, as was her dress. She hardly looked the part of someone who would be honored as the greatest subject in the kingdom. What chance could she possibly have, when compared to the other three, who had accomplished so very much?

The king was intrigued, to say the least and was somewhat puzzled by her presence. He asked who she was. Then the answer came: “Well, my king, do you see the philanthropist, the doctor, and the judge over here? She was their teacher!”

This woman had no wealth, no fortune, and no title, but countless lives were helped, healed and changed through her giving.

We never know whose lives we’re touching. I’m sure someone prayed — someone gave — someone shared the Gospel with some of the greatest evangelists, preachers and givers we know.

Let’s serve the Lord by sowing unselfishly into the lives of the people he’s put in our path — so that they may become great in God’s Kingdom!

We have great opportunity to do that in this new Church Year with our newly elected church officers. Pray for them and the church as a whole.

In Christian Love and With Many Prayers,

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