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Anticipation is a great word. It is a cousin to expectation, excitement, faith, and suspense. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines anticipation as “a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen: the act of preparing for something.”

Shouldn’t those words also define our attitude about our praying?

Certainly prayer is one of the most powerful weapons the Lord has given us as His children. We have focus a good bit on prayer this week with the National Day of Prayer this past Thursday and the Justice Center Prayer Walk happening later today.

Certainly, there is a need for prayer. A need for America to turn back to God. A need for Tennessee, Hawkins County, Henards Chapel Missionary Baptist Church and yes even me to return to a more effective and significant prayer life.

Someone has wisely said, “If America doesn’t see revival, nothing else matters. If America does see revival, nothing else matters!” Well said! America, indeed, desperately needs a heaven-sent revival and a resulting nation-transforming spiritual awakening.

There is little doubt that the biblical foundational fabric of our American culture is quickly unraveling in the wake of the rising tide of secularism. America, quite simply, needs Jesus. America needs a divine visitation from heaven not unlike the great spiritual awakenings in our nation’s past. This great need is evident across all sectors of our society. We see it in senseless school shootings. We see it in a weakening economy and stress on marriages and families. We see it in our government and the courts as decisions are made that unravel our most basic freedoms. Individuals of conscience and even faith-based businesses are being required to obey man’s laws in direct violation of God’s laws. We see it in the rapidly-changing moral convictions of our people. What once was mere apathy toward Christianity (and those who are true Christ-followers) has become out right animosity. America is broken, and only a Christ-centered revival and accompanying awakening can transform our culture.

With one voice for America and for the lost in our land, let’s humble ourselves with fasting and prayer.

There are seven (7) significant areas of prayer. Seven Mountains of Prayer, Seven Focus Areas of Prayer. We discussed and prayed for these Wednesday night in our Men On Mission Group.

  1. The Church (Religion) Pray for the Holy Spirit’s anointing on all churches no matter their denomination. Pray for ministries involved in evangelism and discipleship including foreign missionary activity. Pray for all faiths and religions, that they will see the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that Christians will be bold in their witness.
  2. Family and Marriages (Youth, Children, Marriages, etc.) Pray for families in general, and particularly the healing of broken relationships in marriages and families, especially among believers and those in Christian ministry. Pray for the sanctity of marriage. Pray against cultural influences that diminish the value of marriage and family.
  3. Education (All Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Educators) This focus involves all institutions of education, whether for the very young, when children are so easily influenced, or those studying at higher levels. Pray for teachers and educators. Pray for those you know by name. Add them to your daily prayer lists for each day. Pray also for the content of textbooks so they will reflect biblical values. Ask God to send a revival to all campuses.
  4. Business (The Marketplace) This focus involves praying for a spiritual awakening in the marketplace. Pray especially for Christian businessmen and women that God will use them to influence others in their professions. Pray for major corporations, that they will build their companies on a foundation of high moral and ethical standards.
  5. Government (Local, National, and International) Pray for heads of your local, state, and national government. Remember especially to intercede for the judiciary (judges) of your nation and the nations of the world. Include the military and law enforcement as well as other service officials, such as firefighters and civil servants.
  6. Media (The Press, Television, and Internet) Ask God to cause all aspects of the media and information technology to become a tool in His hands to change the culture around us for His honor and glory. Pray that the influence of the Internet and social networking will be used by Christians to capture a new generation of young believers. Pray that Christian values and ethics will find their way into all aspects of the media.
  7. Arts and Entertainment (Including Sports) This focus includes all those in any field of the arts or entertainment including sports. Some have defined this sphere as the “celebration” sphere because it takes many such aspects into consideration. Ask God to use the influence of those who know Him in these arenas so they might impact many around them. Pray for entertainers or athletes you know by name who have a strong Christian testimony. Ask God to expand their influence.

We live in a nation which has slowly fallen away from the faith on which it was founded. A nation in desperate need of God and his healing hand. It’s time this great nation remembered that it’s independence is found in its dependence on God.

Without prayer we can’t see and understand life clearly. Prayer makes a difference.

Here is a guide to spending a sweet hour in prayer:


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