Looking Ahead and Preparing for Christmas

THE PASTOR’s PEN November 25, 2018

ThePastorsPenDear Church Family and Friends,

Well, Thanksgiving is behind us. Wait, I hope not! I know the Thanksgiving Day holiday is past, but I sure hope that we as the children of God have a season of thanksgiving throughout every day of the year. Remember, we have been instructed 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV) 18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

But now, at least in the minds of many t is safe to move on to Christmas. I know, I know, Walmart has been looking toward Christmas since before Halloween. It is almost like some want to skip right over Thanksgiving Day and move right into Christmas. Christmas décor comes out in the stores earlier each year, or so it seems. But now it is time to begin to prepare for Christmas.

We focused in November on what it means to be a Thankful and Faithful Steward. And by the way it means much more than just tithing all though, that is a big part of it. But being a thankful and faithful steward means living responsibly as a Christian in areas of our relationship with God, our fellow man the world and all God created.

Being a Thankful and Faithful Steward does mean giving. But it is again, more than giving your money. God does not need what you have, He wants you! And, if God has you, you will remember Him as the owner of all things and give back to Him what is rightfully His as He has commanded and as you purpose in your heart. As thankful and faithful stewards we will do so generously, systematically, voluntarily and cheerfully.
You see it is imperative that we as thankful and faithful stewards live within our means. Which also means we must work for a living, manage our resources wisely with a Christian heart and biblical principles. So that when this life is over and we give an accounting we are found faithful.

But how then do we prepare for Christmas. Well I hope we don’t do it like Hallmark. It seems there is a pattern of finding, oozing and finding again in every Hallmark show. Boy finds girl. Girl loses boy, it snows, they sing Christmas songs and boy and girl get back together.

Seriously, we prepare for Christmas not just by getting our shopping done early or getting the house decorations up and on display the day after thanksgiving, but by remembering the reason for the season – It’s Jesus! The Christmas season gets so full and frantic that, though the season really IS about Jesus, if we aren’t intentional, we’ll leave Him completely out of it all. (Or He will be an afterthought, at best.) He is our Savior, God’s gift to mankind, Our King! Yes, Jesus is our Lord and ultimate ruler of our lives.
Jesus is the hinge upon which all our hope, faith and salvation hangs. I trust He has found room in your life.

My Goal for This Coming Holiday Season is to look beyond the simple stories of a babe in a manger, so that I can see and rejoice in and place my hope in a Savior who is far mightier than the struggles I find myself or those I love facing.

The goodness that I want to be overwhelmed by this Christmas season is that I have a God who is both GOOD and SOVEREIGN over every circumstance, every seemingly hopeless situation, every tragedy, every loss, every shed tear.

Christ the Lord has come in the flesh… and He is coming again in victory.

Celebrating and reminding ourselves of what the Father did for us long ago by sending His precious Son to earth strengthens our grasp on the truth that He will come again one day, and He will make all things new.

BibleQuestNow here is the Bible Quest for the week.
156. List the 10 Commandments and tell me where you found them.
157. What are the First Four Books of the New Testament (Can you name them without looking?)
158. Who preached the Sermon on the Mount? Where is it?
159. Where is the book of Thomas located in the bible?
160. True or False…The most common verse in the bible is “God helps those who help themselves.”
Until next week, Love and prayers,
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